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Services Offered

Support Services for Families Whose Youth Are in the Colorado Juvenile Justice Continuum

Stepping Stones Advocacy is an approved provider for families who are struggling with navigating the complexities of the Division of Youth Services. 

Stepping Stones Advocacy facilitates Family Support Groups on a monthly basis.  Since Covid 19, these meetings have been moved to an on-line format.  See resources tab to get information as to how you can join us.  

Training and Facilitation Services

Stepping Stones Advocacy has experience in training Restorative Justice Practices, Mediation, Curriculum development, focus group facilitation as well as other conflict resolution facilitations.  


Currently there are 3 Family Advisory Councils being facilitated at Youth Centers in Colorado.  Golden Peak Youth Services Center, Mount View Youth Services Center, and Marvin Foote Youth Services Center.  If you are a family member of a youth at one of these facilities and are interested in being on the Council, please contact us.  

Conflict Management/ Conflict Coaching

Conflict Management assists in looking at and evaluating communication styles, listening skills, past beliefs, and current situations on a broad level.  

Conflict Coaching assists in specific individual conflicts.  For example, you may be struggling with a co-worker, your family member, your teen.  Conflict Coaching will assist you in looking at your style of handling conflict and work on techniques that may open different resolutions to the individual issue.  

Conflict Management and Conflict coaching are one on one services.  Contact Stepping Stones Advocacy, LLC with any questions. 


Julie is a Certified Collaborative, Facilitative, Interest-based Mediator.  She has been providing mediation services for over 15 years.  Her main area of focus is in Parent/Teen Mediation.  She does not practice divorce mediation.  

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