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Information re: DYS Family Support Groups 

On-line DYS Family Support Group

The Family Support Group will be in an on-line format beginning April 2020.  Please use the contact us form to get more information and reserve a place for yourself in the meetings.                                               


This group will be facilitated by a parent of a former DYS youth.  This confidential meeting is only for family members of DYS youth.  There will not be DYS staff in the meetings. 

Some topics covered: Self-care, Fears, Shame, Communication with your youth, Communication with Staff and others, Family Fun, Peace during Chaos, Healing, Restorative Justice, Letting Go, Transition, Boundaries, and many others.  

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Links to Resources Click on blue arrows 

Click below for link to DYS family handbook 

Click below for link to Colorado Department of Human Services Family Information Page. 

Click below for link to Suicide Prevention Services 

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